Friday, September 4, 2009

An Introduction to Technology & Innovation

I will try here to define the boundaries of my blog. I am interested in Technology and how it shapes and is shaped by our lives and culture. And Innovation is a natural extension of Technology, even though they are very different.

Technology is the "practical application of Science to Commerce or Industry".

Innovation is "a feasible technological process or product that combines or alters one or more existing technologies". The origin of the word is the Latin “innovare” meaning “to renew, to make new, or to alter”.

I consider myself uniquely qualified to pursue these twin subjects. As a self-confessed "geek" I have been associated with technology for over 20 years - always embracing and pushing the envelope on technology. Yet, I started my career in Architecture - yes, with a degree in Architecture and an additional half-dozen studying it for a Ph.D. (since abandoned). 'Nuf said about myself.

The point is, innovation comes from creativity, technology from rigor, yet they are closer to each other than to their respective fountainheads.

Finally, Strategy is near and dear to my heart as it is with all thinking people who eventually rise above the messy yet simplistic level of tactics. So, here in my first post a definition of Strategy would be appropriate as well.

Strategy is the plan consisting of the set of the most efficient choices to reach a specific goal.

Well there you go. We got the definitions taken care of, now we move on to more interesting things.